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Örtliche Berufsausübungsgemeinschaft
Dr. med. dent. Sven Feuerböther
Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow

Clayallee 330
14169 Berlin
Phone: (030) 62 90 08 50
Fax: (030) 63 90 58 07

Job title: Dentists (awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany)
Chamber membership: Berlin Chamber of Dentists, Stallstr. 1, 10585 Berlin

Dr. Mankow studied at the Free University of Berlin and received his doctorate there. 
Dr. Feuerböther studied at the Humboldt University / Charité and received his doctorate there.

Responsible supervisory authority: Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists Berlin, Georg-Wilhelm-Str. 16, 10711 Berlin, dentist number 3747

The professional regulations of the Berlin Dental Association apply, which can be read on the ZÄK website at

Responsible for content: Dr. med. dent. Sven Feuerböther, Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow


Guarantees that go beyond the statutory warranty rights are not given.

Dr. Dirk Mankow and Dr. Sven Feuerböther are insured with helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungs AG, Berliner Straße 56-58, 60311 Frankfurt 

Photo credits: Andreas Friese and Dr. Dirk Mankow.