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Your dentists write here.

Dr. Dirk Mankow and Dr. Sven Feuerböther on current topics such as implants, dental treatment, tooth cleaning and dental health

Just a small implant – and the prosthesis is in place.

Mini implants for prosthesis wearers Patients who are toothless and have removable dentures often complain that their dentures slip. Fortunately,

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After the implant surgery – what you should pay attention to

Good tips for implant patients Do not drive home alone, especially not by car, as your ability to react may be reduced as a result of the local

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The right dentist for anxious patients

Don’t be afraid of the fear! Many people suffer from fear of dental treatment, 12 percent of adults even from its extreme form – dental

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Implants Inflammation – What To Do?

Prevent inflammation Dental implants are high-quality and durable dentures that give patients a good attitude towards life. In some cases, however,

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Courage to leave a gap? Better the dentist close it!

Tooth gaps should be closed as soon as possible For some, a tooth gap is a small, personable identification mark or a quirky quirk. As a dentist,

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ZZZW: Professionelle Zahnreinigung ist wichtig – vor allem bei Zahnersatz

Professional teeth cleaning is important – especially with dentures

Brushing your teeth at home is not enough Did you know that by brushing your teeth at home, you cannot reach about 30 percent of the tooth surface?

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