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Your dentists write here.

Dr. Dirk Mankow and Dr. Sven Feuerböther on current topics such as implants, dental treatment, tooth cleaning and dental health

Sinus lift – bone augmentation for implants

A special form of building up bone volume Sinus lift – the term does not mean an elevator for passenger transport or even a special crane for

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To be able to smile longer with the third teeth

Everything without toothpaste! Regular and careful cleaning of your dentures is essential so that you can benefit from your third party for as long

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ZZZW: Für Schneidezahn-Kronen ist die Materialwahl klar

The choice of material for incisor crowns is clear

Naturally very translucent Incisors are very special teeth. Humans use them to bite off food. Incisors are therefore relatively sharp and lie in the

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Minimally invasive implants in the upper jaw

But please no major surgery, doctor! In addition to the wish of many patients not to want to wear a prosthesis anymore, I hear more and more often:

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