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Keramik - Zahnrestauration auf natürliche Art im Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle

Tooth restoration the natural way.

In contrast to conventional titanium implants, restorations made of ceramic are completely metal-free. They can therefore not trigger any allergies and meet the highest aesthetic standards.

ZZZW: Für Schneidezahn-Kronen ist die Materialwahl klar
ZZZW - Aufgesetztes Keramik-Veneer

Metal-free ceramic solutions have many advantages:

As with a natural tooth, the light can shine through ceramic. The dentures look “alive”.

All-ceramic also makes the gums look healthy and vital.

The dentures are color-fast over a long period of time.

Ceramic is a natural material. It is therefore very body-friendly and allergy-neutral.

Dental plaque does not adhere to all-ceramic because it is highly glazed.

The material is abrasion-proof and resistant to acids.

Ceramic is gentle on the tooth substance. Because it can be connected to the remaining tooth in a strongly adherent and non-positive manner.


Veneers are the method of choice to achieve optimal aesthetic correction of the color and shape of the teeth. This refers to wafer-thin ceramic shells that are glued to the outer tooth surface.

Veneers are particularly effective at

Discoloration of the teeth

Enamel deformities

accident victims teeth

large, visible fillings

between the front teeth

unsightly tooth shapes

different tooth sizes

Tooth misalignment

The ZZZW team will be happy to advise you which ceramic restoration is suitable for you.