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Courage to leave a gap? It doesn’t have to be!

Today’s materials ceramic and titanium enable optimal results. And that without grinding healthy neighboring teeth.

The lower incisor

Years after an accident, the dark tooth was so destroyed that it could not be preserved. It was removed, then an implant was placed and immediately restored. After three months, the ceramic crown was then glued onto the implant.

Zustand vor der Behandlung mit dem zerstörten Zahn 31
Zustand nach der Behandlung – Keramikkrone auf Implantat 31

Lateral maxillary incisors

Missing incisors in particular place a particularly heavy burden on the psyche of our patients. All too often this even changes our behavior. We are no longer so open and avoid laughing heartily.

Before treatment - teeth not in place
After the treatment - ceramic crowns on implants
Attending dentist: Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow, Dr. Sven Feuerböther
Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle
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Laughing again?

Today there are many options for a better quality of life, for every requirement and every budget. We would be happy to advise you!

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