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Dental aesthetics

Zahnästhetik - Die klassische Zahnbehandlung im Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle

The classic dental treatment.

Professional teeth cleaning is an important part of classic dental treatment. It supplements dental care at home and is usually carried out twice a year as part of check-ups in our clinic.

For teeth cleaning, we use modern special devices that reach every tiny niche in and between the teeth. All hard and soft plaque as well as all bacterial cultures are removed. This applies to tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and gum pockets.

After the plaque has been removed, the teeth are polished. The reason: smooth surfaces make it more difficult for deposits and bacteria to settle again. The teeth are then coated with a fluoride varnish. Fluoride hardens the tooth substance and protects it from attack by acids.

Dr. Mankow in der Behandlung eines Patienten im Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle
Dr. Feuerböther und seine Assistentin in der Behandlung einer Patientin im Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle

In addition to professional teeth cleaning, bleaching offers the possibility of whitening teeth in the visible area.

Apply a concentrated whitening agent directly to the teeth while protecting the environment. This is activated with light or a soft laser. The contained peroxide breaks down and the resulting active oxygen unfolds its bleaching effect.

In our clinic, the power bleaching of the quality brand “LyDenti” is used. In this way, your teeth are gently and efficiently whitened in just one session.

A hole in the tooth or major damage to the posterior teeth are filled with fillings.

Our direct plastic fillings are made with high quality composite materials. These composites are a mixture of ceramic and synthetic resin that is hardened in the mouth with a special lamp.

For even more strength, we produce inlays (fillings) made of ceramic in our dental laboratory. These are made individually for each patient. We provide the impression of the prepared tooth.

The finished inlay is incorporated into the ground tooth. The filling is then permanently sealed to the edge.

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