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Brilliant new teeth

Dental implants from certified professionals in Berlin

Dr. med. dent. Sven Feuerböther und Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow

Dr. Feuerböther has completed both the implantology curriculum of the DGI and the Dental Association of Hessen. He has also completed the advanced training course in pediatric dentistry at the Philipp Pfaff Institute of the Berlin Dental Association. His work at the Zehlendorfer Welle Dental Centre in Berlin focuses on implantology and prosthetics.

Dr. Mankow received an award from the German Society for Implantology in the Dental, Oral and Jaw Area (DGI). He is allowed to use the labels “Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie” (since 2005) and “Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantprothetik und Zahntechnik” (since 2009). To this end, every five years he must provide evidence of further training and implants placed.

With us you receive high-quality dental prostheses from a specialist – at fair prices.

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Klaus-Dieter G. - Patient of the Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle
“I have had the upper arch implanted to my complete satisfaction.”
Klaus-Dieter G.
DGI-Award for the activity focus implantology 2018
Dr. Dirk Mankow was awarded the DGI certificate at the Zehlendorfer Welle Dental Centre for the focus on implantology.
Erika M. - Patient of the Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle
“I could cry with happiness. After an accident, ZZZW gave me back beautiful teeth.”
Erika M.
DGI-Award for the activity focus implant prosthetics and dental technology 2018
Dr. Dirk Mankow was awarded the DGI certificate at the Zehlendorfer Welle Dental Centre for the focus on implant prosthetics and dental technology.

Implants offer numerous advantages:

The interventions are limited to the affected teeth.
Adjacent teeth remain untouched.

Der Kieferknochen bleibt stabil.

Dental implants can be loaded like natural teeth.
Highest chewing comfort is guaranteed.

Implants are durable and well tolerated by the body.

Pure aesthetics!
Implants look like natural teeth.

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All-on-4® restoration – Specialization of our Berlin practice for dental implants

A speciality of our practice in Berlin are so-called All-on-4® fittings.

They affect patients who have very few teeth left. Usually they receive a full denture, as the teeth often cannot be preserved due to gum disease or caries. These conventional dentures have one disadvantage: they only rest on the gums and often wobble when chewing and speaking.

In 1998 the Portuguese dentist Dr. Paulo Malo used a new procedure for the first time – All-on-4®. Shortly after the tooth removal, a screwed bridge is placed on 4 implants in the lower jaw. The patient gets back aesthetics and comfort. This system is now scientifically well documented. In addition, new materials have significantly reduced the cost of such supplies.

At the Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle in Berlin we work with the further developed All-on-4® treatment – the ArtOnSystems®.

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