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Just a small implant – and the prosthesis is in place.

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Mini implants for prosthesis wearers

Patients who are toothless and have removable dentures often complain that their dentures slip. Fortunately, there are mini-implants that require little treatment effort and costs and can be positioned in a severely atrophied jaw. They form the new, firm base of the prosthesis and hold it in place.

This “fastening method” is particularly recommended for patients whose existing dentures have a perfect fit and look and who therefore do not want to be without.

The mini implants, which are called “diameter-reduced implants” in technical jargon, can also be inserted very gently for the patient. This makes them particularly attractive for elderly people, who naturally have an increased risk of complications, or for anxious patients.

Another advantage: the dentures can be loaded again immediately after the mini-implant has been inserted, and postoperative complaints are usually minimal.

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ZZZW - Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow

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Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow is co-owner of the ZZZW and has worked as a dentist for more than 20 years. His focus areas are implantology, digital dentistry and periodontics.