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The right dentist for anxious patients

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Don't be afraid of the fear!

Many people suffer from fear of dental treatment, 12 percent of adults even from its extreme form – dental phobia. The problem affects all population groups and often means that those affected rarely or never visit a dentist. With dramatic consequences: Caries, pain and inflammation in the oral cavity, tooth gaps and abscesses can develop.

As experienced and specially trained dentists, we at the ZZZW recognize possible fears and individual needs of our patients.

As soon as you enter the clinic, you will feel at home with us. At the beginning of the treatment, we always have an empathetic consultation. We use a variety of gentle therapy methods – from sedation (twilight sleep) to general anesthesia – to help you get a new denture and thus a better attitude towards life.

One request: do not be afraid of the fear! Talk to us, you will notice how good the open exchange with one of our doctors is already for you.

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Dr. med. dent. Sven Feuerböther

About the author

Dr. med. dent. Sven Feuerböther is co-owner of the ZZZW and has worked as a dentist for more than 20 years. His treatment focuses are implantology, ceramics and surgery.