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Treatment example

Immediate restoration: New teeth in one day

The immediate restoration is a modern method of implant placement. The treatment is completed within 24 hours. The patient receives new, fixed teeth in just one day. The immediate restoration is suitable for patients with few natural teeth or in case the previous denture wobbles. It also represents a cost-effective alternative to classical implant treatment.

The patient

Our patient Birgit L., 61, had just given up smoking. She was no longer satisfied with the state of health of her teeth. All teeth in the upper jaw were already very loose. The dentist she first visited had suggested that she remove all her teeth. These should be replaced by a complete upper jaw prosthesis. Mrs L. was sceptical about the proposal. The entire palate would be covered and a proper bite would no longer be possible. Then she heard about the immediate care without lengthy treatment and came to the ZZZW. In a comprehensive consultation, we explained various treatment alternatives to the patient. In the end, Mrs. L. opted for immediate care.

The treatment

The modern method of immediate restoration makes it possible to place fixed teeth on 4 to 8 implants via a screwed bridge within 24 hours. It is also suitable for patients who still have their own teeth but are no longer healthy enough to accept a prosthesis. The rear implants are inserted at an angle. This avoids time-consuming and costly bone reconstruction measures. For Mrs. L. the immediate treatment was therefore the optimal treatment option.

Digital planning

Surgery guide from the 3D printer

X-ray control of the perfect result

Screw connection of the bridge

The advantages

The Portuguese doctor Dr. Paolo Malo has laid the scientific foundations for teeth in one day. Already in 1998 he successfully treated patients with this method. In the meantime many long-term studies have been published. They prove: The success rate of immediate restorations is comparable to that of classic implant therapy. State-of-the-art 3D planning and our own dental technology support the short and gentle treatment. The actual placement of the implant takes only a single day. All necessary consultations, diagnoses and examinations take place in the days and weeks before the treatment.

The costs

In the case of Mrs. L., the treatment costs amounted to approx. 9,600 Euros for placing the 6 implants in the upper jaw and screwing in the bridge the next day. The immediate supply enabled a saving of more than 40 percent compared to the initial proposal. In general, however, the costs vary from case to case and depend on the individual situation. Implants always represent a private service. However, the statutory health insurance funds grant subsidies. Private supplementary dental insurance can also help to reduce the personal contribution.

Dentist in chargeDr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow,
Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle
Telephone counselling:(030) 81099144
Patient:Birgit L.
Day of treatment:4 July 2016 - Implant surgery and impression for the bridge
July 5, 2016 - Screw connection of the bridge

Dentist in charge
Dr. med. dent. Dirk Mankow,
Zahnärzte-Zentrum Zehlendorfer Welle

Telephone counselling:
(030) 81099144

Birgit L.

Day of treatment:
4 July 2016 - Implant surgery and impression for the bridge
July 5, 2016 - bolting of the bridge